Thursday, September 10, 2009

puppet show dress view with the pockets

IMG_2662, originally uploaded by ebakkis.

i added the pockets to the puppet show dress dress (the pockets were from the shorts if you did the tunic and shorts version)

and if you look closely at the bottom of the dress and at the collar, you will notice that the animals are upside down. which is why you should pay attention while you are cutting out your pattern. or you should make sure you have more than enough of your fabric. (i went back for more, after i discovered the mistake, and yep they were out in all of southern idaho. luckily i had enough to cut enough out for the top, but i had to add the bottom edge...and i was too lazy to switch the collar.

oh and another thing i learned from this dress? make sure you prewash your lining, along with your regular fabric. yep. the lining shrunk and makes funny puckers.

the animal fabric was joann's and was a nice soft corduroy. the green polka dot was from a fat quarter from a quilt shop, i think the line was chelsea boutique?

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