Friday, May 30, 2008

A Model Hooter Hider

Mallory modeling a hooter hider i made for a lady in Pennsylvannia. I liked the simpleness of the fabric, plus it was nice and soft. though i had to stop myself from using red thread.
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

from my weed garden to yours...

well, i hope you don't have a weed garden. the morning glories are obnoxious. last year we planted wild flower seeds and these came up again this year. but the orange and the purple flowers are just gorgeous. i need to get a better photograph that does it justice, but then you would also see the obnoxious weeds too...wait you can already see the weeds. shucks.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

custom made hair bows

a bow that mallory's aunt carma made for her. the doll came from her grandma in the marshall islands. thought it was so cute.

however trying to take a good, up close picture of a bow on a mobile two year old is hard. this is as good as i got-- i have several fuzzy ones to back me up.

anyway, carma does sell them. if you have a cute dress that you can't find anything for their hair that matches, she can make them custom for you.

for instance, she made one for mallory's extravagant used hanna andersson dress:

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Half of Me is 90% Irish

I was reading this while working on a hooter hider and thought y'all might like it. just for your information, i am 6.25% Irish. and proud of it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

more baby shoes

i realized again why i liked making these shoes. quick and slick. here again is the link to the pattern. these are going to two ladies in our ward who just had their first girls. i just have to decide who gets what. pretty hard. i really liked both of the shoes and i want to make mallory a ladybug quilt out of this fabric too...sheesh another project.

and believe it or not that quilt in the background has moved. and so has my sister's birthday...oh well...i have til the end of the month when i see her again. though my bet is that it won't be done then either. sigh. and i ended up with a really big pucker. it was huge. i probably should have fixed it but i think it was way to late to do it. shows the importance of pinning and basting properly.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

boiling toothbrushes


isaac got a hold of our toothbrushes while he was in the sink being rinsed off for a poopy diaper. so they needed some quick sterilization. I remember doing this once in college and my cheap 50 cent toothbrush held together while my more expensive colgate toothbrush fell apart. that got me wondering if anybody else boiled toothbrushes, if they weren't expected to hold up to boiling. though all these toothbrushes survived the sterilization process.
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Friday, May 16, 2008

mother's day


since we went on vacation, i didn't get a chance to post my mother's day gift from my daughter. my husband took her to the local nursery and had her paint the pot. kept it a secret from me even. pretty good. i tried to pry it out of both of them, but they were unrelenting.

not bad for a 2 yr old, i thought.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

came across these...



these were taken about a year ago. this was why i was trying to get a clothesline. the only way i have found to get out pumpkin stains (or tomato stains for that matter) is to dry the clothes out in the sun.
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Monday, May 12, 2008

dish week, two months later...

so i am a little late. i took the pictures on time (well, not really, i think it was on the saturday after it started. oh well), but i never got around to blogging about them. so here goes. probably won't be a week either. my dishes aren't that interesting.

first off, we have my pride and joy. the spice rack. with jars from a microbiology lab that was trying to get rid of them. i happily took them off their hands. unfortunately when we moved here (and 7 hours away from my old lab) i knocked the rack off a couple of times. and spices flew everywhere. and i sneezed. and mallory cried. and we ate out for dinner because the stench of spices was so overpowering that i couldn't handle it. oh and the labels are made of lab tape. i used to have fun naming my buffers on that lab tape. I was supposed to label the buffers with proper names like buffer A or buffer M (for the protein i was working on.) but i had to embellish. like the magical buffer M or the mysterious buffer M. My favorites were with buffers that had arginine which was abbreviated arg. who could resist that? so of course I named that buffer the pirate buffer. then there was the super pirate buffer which had enormous quantities of arginine in it so no protein would fall out of solution. though mine sure liked to try. anyway.
yes i am a nerd. in more ways than one.

and sadly, i am a little proud of be a nerd. i should make a badge.


a friend gave this to me in college. and i had it out. so i took its picture.

on the left are glasses from my grandma larsen. i am the youngest daughter of the youngest daughter of the youngest daughter. so i got the cups. and we rarely drink out of them so they don't get broken.

and on the right, we find beakers. some roommates from college gave them to me for my birthday. one of the best presents ever. i don't know what happened to the picture of my erlenmeyer flask, but yes, there is one of those kicking around my kitchen as well.

here's our plates. they are from doug's grandmother. i like them. doug likes them. so we probably will have them till the kids break them into tiny little pieces. which mallory has already done to two.

sometime later i will have to post the glasses i want the kids to break so i can get out my canning jar mugs...

but no, we don't have fine china. we have too many bulls running around loose.

and i would rather have labware.
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

another hooter hider

yet another hooter hider. too bad i had to send it off. i really liked the fabric in this one. they had matching prints so it would make a great quilt...

too bad i am banned from quilting until i get my second one finished. (what, you want it put together? with no batting showing? sheesh. :)

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

k, found another one...

the danger of letting google do your thinking. i like that line. here's the full post.

in case you're wondering, here's my favorite online dictionary's definition of a cult.

now i really should go to bed.

on marriage...

found this at one o'clock in the morning and found it a good read.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


crocheted this hat just because i was curious. i made it too big. oh well, i can shove my masses of hair into it. i think it would help if i actually checked my gauge. way too much effort.

now to decide what sort of flair to put on it. maybe an i like ike pin.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

domesticated bliss

nothing says domesticated bliss like cute little pink clothes hanging on the clothes line...doug kindly put up a clothesline for me after all my whining. now i just have to make a clothespin bag. any suggestions?

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Friday, May 02, 2008

grow little seed grow

well, i spoke too soon. i got some tomato seeds to grow! we now take them outside during the day to get some needed sun. this picture was taken a week ago, so now they are getting pretty tall and we have at least one seedling growing from each spot. some we have four. i got a little anxious. hmmm...tomatoes....