Friday, February 22, 2008

7 strange facts about me...

this was the result of a tag, but since i didn't know if the people i tagged wanted the whole world to know their blog, i didn't post it here. but since it fit with my "theme" for this blog...the topic gets a double whammy. except that i put them in a different order.

1. i used to have the sun is a mass of incandescent gas on my answering machine
2. in my daughter's nursery, is a huge poster of the periodic table
3. the periodic table actually matches the rest of the decor. and that makes me happy.
4. i like green olives
5. i got a bachelor's in microbiology, molecular biology, and biochemistry, with a minor in chemistry and to top it all of, i minored in dance as well.
6. i eat chips and salsa for breakfast
7. i stay up way too late blogging

Instant Infant

my friend from college gave me this when doug and i were first married. i found it hilarious.

under where it says the perfect baby, it says:

all of the fun, practically none of the poop
virtually unlimited attention span!
cute as a frigging button
Matches most decors!
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heart Attack!

if by chance you stumbled onto this site wondering what microbes can cause heart attacks, may i suggest this article or if you are wondering about endocarditis, may i suggest this article.

anyway, if you came to this site wondering what we did for valentine's, here you go. I cut up a bunch of hearts and asked mallory who she loved, and i wrote down what she said. then we taped them up on the wall. i tried to "artistically" place them around the room, but mallory kept putting them up in the same spot. thats why there are a few large clumps. if you were wondering who got put down the most, it was uncle tom.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

2 months

yep, it only took two months to break the ladybug teaset. sigh. but luckily for mallory, her daddy fixed it for her. hurray for glue.

stockings for sue

stockings I made for my sister for Christmas. blue one for sue, red for nate, and green for brandon. nice and easy.

mallory helping me make said stockings

showing the backside, with a stretchy, velvety material. boy did i ever have fun with that one. i ended up pinning it to the couch, just so i could get the pieces pinned together so i could sew it. and the cutting job wasn't very pretty either. but now doug tells me he wants stockings like these instead of our victorianish ones. so i guess they turned out all right.

the stockings actually got to my sister before christmas (hurray! a present made by me that was on time!) unfortunately, her other present wasn't. i decided to make a crazy quilt/rag quilt? out of scraps of fabric from my mother. king size. that has a hard time fitting under my machine. and unfortunately, takes a long time to do the crazy quilt stitch on top. i like my crafts fast, (so why do i quilt? i don't know the answer do that one yet.) because i have twenty other things that i would like to make.

the monstrous quilt taking up the entire basement.

the quilt now on my kitchen table to be quilted. my sewing "station" downstairs can't handle this much quilt.

a fancy dinner we had while the quilt was still on the table. a friend gave us the sparkling cider and doug wouldn't let me drink it unless we had a fancy dinner. which required taking back some of the table. after i realized that i wouldn't get this done for christmas, (and it has been postponed for susie's birthday. in may.) we took down the tree early (before new year's, but still after christmas) and put our patio table in the front room.

there the quilt resides, waiting for me to finish blogging and get to work on it! i am getting optimistic-- i think i might be done with the quilting part by the end of february. though i also once thought it could be done by new year's.

yep, sewing right in front of the window. i get to wave hi to the mailman as i am stuffing volumes of fabric through the machine.
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