Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Christmas Decorations

our nativity scene:

it is actually alone on the piano. usually our piano is overflowing with trinkets and junk mail.

On our Christmas tree (left in our house by the previous owners. very fortuitous, since last year our lot bought tree never drank a drop of water. I think next year i might try to talk doug into going to cut a tree down in the South Hills.)

we have:
a ladybug from China from when my mom and Stacey went to pick up Erin Joy

a dried out protein gel from my days as a mad scientist. ok, well, from my days working in a molecular biology lab.

a woven star from the Marshall Islands, a present from my parents.

more woven fish, turtle, and a flower from the Marshall Islands that we got on our birthdays. (these aren't really Christmas decorations, per se, since I am going to keep them up year round, but since I got them up at Christmas time, there you have it.)

our stockings that i made from the same pattern my family has (yes they are big. the better to fit presents in); Isaac's is not quite finished, since Doug was waffling on whether or not he wanted paisley.

and finally, we have mallory... who loves to look at the star.

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