Monday, January 28, 2008

A regression of pooh (bear that is)

in high school, i liked pooh bear. then i got a little bored with it (the same thing happened with star trek, star wars, x-files, amazing fruit...) and then i married doug who dislikes anthropomorphic animals ... but now i have mallory who loves pooh bear, well actually piglet, since she was piglet for halloween. when she sees winnie the pooh and friends, she always checks to make sure that piglet is on it. she has pooh shoes that don't have piglet on them, she always asks, "where piglet go?" in a concerned voice. anyway, i am liking pooh bear again...hence isaac's shoes that are classic pooh cheap bobux that they offer at target. i was a little disappointed that the pooh bears face out from the child (one of bobux's selling points is that the animals face the child), but oh well, it was not the end of the world. mallory got a pair of Robeez (same idea, soft sole rubber shoe with an elastic) for Christmas last year from her grandma otto, and i fell in love with them. they stay on! that was the miracle. both mallory and isaac are champions at kicking off shoes and socks. and it is too cold around our house for bare feet. and they are light. mallory was a late walker, so it was nice to not have to add on three pounds of shoes to your baby that you are carrying. i bought mallory a target knock off pair last year as well. i noticed that walmart is carrying a knock off brand as well. the robeez that mallory has are definitely better quality than the target knock off brand, and you can't stick the knock off brand into the washer and dryer like you can the robeez. but, they are cheaper and they grow out of them so fast it was hard to justify the $25 for a pair for isaac.

isaac is noticing his feet now. he likes to grab them, pause for a second, nose dive and eat them.

guess they don't taste to hot.

since he continues to do this, he doesn't balance too well while being propped up to sit. so much for hoping that he would be an early sitter like mallory.

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