Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Movies

We have been doing netflix, which is handy to have dvds come right to your door. I hijacked doug's queue and added a bunch of Lindsay Lohan movies. Doug wasn't too happy, so he added some Bruce Lee films to the queue. to each his own.

anyway, I liked Freaky Friday. I thought it was well done and very enjoyable. I liked it more than I thought I would. I would actually recommend it to everyone. Mean Girls was alright, I liked it, but not as much as I thought I would. I thought I would like it more than Freaky Friday, which I didn't. I don't think I would recommend Mean Girls. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen didn't work in my dvd player. I need to clean it or send for a replacement.

Which brings me to a gripe I have with netflix. since I am very cheap and want to save money by using netflix rather than going to the store, i hate the time I waste sending for a replacement. and since I have a limited time as to when I can watch movies, I am frustrated when the movie doesn't play right. I have had a few problems with the dvds that they have sent. I missed part of Pride and Prejudice due to dvd skipping. But, I must add, when we would check out videos at the store, there were a couple of times when we would have to return them back and get a replacement because they didn't work.

do you think that dvds are more easily ruined than vhs? I wonder...

Monday, June 25, 2007

close up

a close up of the words on those shirts:


One of the problems that I thought of when i decided to do two blogs, is what to do when something belongs on both blogs?

my solution? just put a different pose up.

these are shirts I made for Christmas 2006. Doug's says gassy, mine says nerdy, and mallory's says cute-- all in elements of the periodic table.


I added a link to my other blog, and best of all, to a video of a engineer lighting a charcoal grill with liquid oxygen. I guess he had to take down his own website and remove all his pictures and videos, which i find sad. what's wrong with a grown man playing with liquid oxygen? luckily others still spread the wealth of pictures and video.

I believe he won an ig-nobel for this experiment.

edit: and i just added the ROUS sound clip from Princess Bride

the sad demise of HGTV

Our cheap version of cable tv changed its lineup recently. They took off HGTV. *sigh* I was really impressed that they even had HGTV, for it is really cheap cable. so now when i do laundry, my options for daytime entertainment are soap operas or court tv.

doug says that it is good, because then we don't get house envy.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I am normally not a salad lover, I can tolerate it, but it is not my favorite thing. But, the other day I made a salad out of spinach, cilantro, tomatoes, and green onions. Then I added this roasted roma tomato dressing from essenia (the fancy albertson's brand, I believe). It was very good. very very good. I might have to buy more of that salad dressing.

S. pneumoniae

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you remember learning about how they discovered the genetic material was DNA? This strain of S. pneumo has a capsule, that is what makes it so mucoid.

insomniacal writings

I read an article in the newspaper about how insomnia could actually be a help to writers, because the ideas that ran across your mind as you are trying to force yourself to go to sleep served as the source of inspiration. I thought that that was one way to make lemonade out of insomnia. Though sometimes some of my best ideas for papers or talks were when I mused about them before I went to sleep.

it still would be nice just to fall asleep.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

TB traveler

It has been interesting reading about the guy with TB who flew around the world. I can understand wanting to get back to the US to receive medical care, especially when you have that strain of TB. The needs of the individual vs. the greater good. what i have a hard time understanding is why he left the US in the first place. The US has pretty places to get married, too. It does take a long time to grow TB in order to test it. When I used to work in a lab, we would hold TB cultures for eight weeks to see if anything would grow. Even when we had robust colonies, it would take at least a week to grow new cultures to test what antibiotics it was susceptible to.

the picture is of M. tuberculosis with an auramine stain. Yes I took the picture myself. I am a nerd.