Wednesday, May 21, 2008

more baby shoes

i realized again why i liked making these shoes. quick and slick. here again is the link to the pattern. these are going to two ladies in our ward who just had their first girls. i just have to decide who gets what. pretty hard. i really liked both of the shoes and i want to make mallory a ladybug quilt out of this fabric too...sheesh another project.

and believe it or not that quilt in the background has moved. and so has my sister's birthday...oh well...i have til the end of the month when i see her again. though my bet is that it won't be done then either. sigh. and i ended up with a really big pucker. it was huge. i probably should have fixed it but i think it was way to late to do it. shows the importance of pinning and basting properly.


Anonymous said...

these shoes are soo cute thanks for the link i just wish i knew how to sew now lol.. our first baby is going to be here in about a month and i am going to try and figure out how to make these for her lol.. thanks..

bec said...

no problem. good luck trying to make them, but I think you will be just fine. they really are pretty easy.

and good luck with new baby!