Wednesday, September 09, 2009

oliver and s tea party dress

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I first got hooked on oliver and s because of their paper dolls. they were and are the cutest things and mallory loved to play with them. i made this dress in july of 2008 and i still haven't taken a great picture of it. oh well, the time has come just to blog it and be done with it.

the pattern is the tea party dress, and they have a playsuit. muahahaha....i get to match my children to my heart's content. i never finished isaac's matching suit to this one, however. i ended up not liking the fabric. have i mentioned that boys are hard to sew for?

anyway, the pattern wasn't very hard. the only hard part could have been avoided if i listened to the hints she gave in the pattern, but i would get going and think i could do it. nope. i would recommend using this for beginners, because it is well written. unlike some i could mention.

the fabric came from Joann's when it was closing down in the town i used to live in...kind of sad, but i got some great deals. i used some to make a dress for me, too, which i started in july of 2008 as well, but i still haven't put in the sleeves or hemmed it. probably by the time i finish it, mallory will have out grown this one. oh well, probably a good thing for her mental health.

this picture was taken on the Star of India in San Diego, when we went there this spring.

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