Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm Crazy

Crazy for being so lonely...

actually i am very relived to have it out of my living room. I read somewhere that crazy quilts were termed such because you were either crazy to make one, or that they made you crazy by the time you finished them. both descriptions are apt.

the other side. I gave this to my sister last year for christmas. actually got it finished in early June of this year. I think Douglas Adams said that he loved the sound that deadlines made as they rushed by.

the fabrics i used for the crazy parts are scraps from my mom's stash. the yellow hat fabric is from a skirt that my sister made for 4H.

a close up of my biggest boo boo. my first quilt i would have unpicked it and fixed it. by the time i reached this point, i could have cared less. sorry sister.

i also saw red when cutting all the threads off. so i took it with me and made my family (including the sister who i was giving it to) help cut threads. and i used my mil's washer and clothesline to wash it. what great family to be abused.

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Jillian said...

How on earth do you find time to quilt with 2 kids? You are amazing.

bec said...

well, this quilt took over a year and a half to make. so most of it was done before kid number two made his way on the scene. and my house is a disaster...