Friday, July 25, 2008

hooter hider vs. blankets....

i have been pondering this for awhile, since I have been making them to support my craft addiction. when i had just had isaac, and i was carrying around blankets all the time anyway, i didn't really use/need my hooter hider. During the winter, especially, i always had a blanket on hand, and it didn't matter that the blanket was warm. Now that it is summer, i use it more often. it is lighter than a blanket, making more comfortable for the baby to nurse under it. it is smaller (i.e. thinner) and can be folded and placed in a diaper bag or purse without making it too bulky, so no need to carry around something extra. The clincher is that now isaac is old enough to know that something is covering and old enough to not like it and old enough to do something about it. He grabs and pulls on the hooter hider to no avail. take that baby. no more flashing mom in public.

i forgot to say another bonus for the hooter hider vs. the blanket...probably the most obvious one of can see the baby as you are trying to get them to latch on. much easier than ducking underneath the blanket. and you don't get funny looks.

i guess the key to either the hooter hider or the blanket is to make sure that they are big enough that you are comfortable.

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