Friday, July 06, 2007

A weed or not a weed

The previous owners of our house used to park their boat on a patch of grass (well it was mostly weeds) by our driveway. Since we don't have a boat and it was mostly weeds, Doug tore it all out and was going to put gravel down. well, i came up with the bright idea of planting a flower garden. and planting wildflower seeds. in a place that was covered with weeds previously. So all spring and summer, I have been playing a guessing game as to whether or not what was coming up were weeds or wildflowers. I wouldn't let doug tell me, he thought they were all weeds and that we needed to put gravel down. My most promising bunch, and most productive growers turned out to be trees. oh well. but, i have finally cleared out the trees, morning glories, and the rest of the weeds, and these are pictures of the leftovers that i couldn't decide on. so, I thought that I would ask you what you thought:

the dandelion:

favorite of kids to pick
beautiful, especially when covering entire fields.
i almost thought about just planting dandelion seeds there, because they are so hardy. but i thought i had better stay on good terms with my neighbors.



mallory who picked said dandelion

Dandelion: weed or flower?
Weed (ah, going with the crowd, eh?)
Flower (aren't they pretty?)
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This one looks like it might be a thistle, but it looks different from other thistles that i have seen. So i gave it the benefit of the doubt.


Is this a weed or a flower?
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This one was interesting. I thought it was going to flower (see the yellow bud on the right?), but within a day, it had switched to seed. and it looks slightly suspicious as well.

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A flower or a weed?
weed (you are suspicious as well)
flower (are you sure?)
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Morning glories:

like dandelions, they have very pretty flowers, but they choke out the growth of everything around them. and trying to get rid of them is near impossible. their roots system is deep and impregnable.

they do sell them in seed packets.

What's the story, Morning Glory?
Weed (can never get rid of the stinking things)
Flower (you buy the seed packets, don't you?)
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