Saturday, July 07, 2007

gardening joys

I planted a bunch of old seeds i had kicking around the house (I think that they were given to me for my wedding), and didn't think that I would get much growth. boy was I wrong. plus i planted them about 2 months later than they were supposed to. in may vs. march. So if you would like a tomato, jalapeno pepper, or a banana pepper plant to put in a pot so that you can bring it inside when the cold weather strikes, let me know. there is no way i can keep all of them, so they will be thrown away. if mallory doesn't pull them out first.

the tomato plants:

The tomato plant that I planted when I was supposed to. you see the catching up the others have to do.

the pepper plants. though i must sadly report that since i took this picture, i think i killed all the jalapeno plants. if i have any make a recovery, i will let you know.

the mischievous mallory. another reason why there might not be much hope left for the other plants. You might want to be quick, if you want some.

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