Sunday, February 14, 2010

our valentine's day card

Getting out a family letter by Christmas is overrated. We believe in the Valentine’s Day letter at our house.

Anyway, 2009 for the Otto Family:

We still live in Twin Falls, despite my efforts to move to Maine. We did manage to escape to San Diego for a week in the spring. We were even able to fit all our camping stuff in our Honda Accord.

Doug still works for Interpath Lab, doing all sorts of fun things to body fluids (can you mention body fluids in a family letter? I am not really sure).

I still watch two little kids at home who manage, despite my efforts, to grow bigger.

Mallory turned 4, and despite my efforts, still loves pink.

Isaac is 2 and promises to never to fall out of a window again.

Baby #3 should be coming around the end of May.
If, despite my efforts, this letter leaves you wanting to know more, you can always check out the family blog at, where there are usually cute pictures of the kids.

love Doug, Rebecca, Mallory, Isaac and insert name here
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