Thursday, September 18, 2008

some fruits of our garden.

mmm....i think my favorite thing in the whole world is a home grown tomato (even more than chips and salsa. i know, it surprises me, too). leaves store bought tomatoes in the dust. even when they have an ugly crack in them.

and i learned another new thing from my dad this year. i guess if you plant zucchini and squash by each other, they cross pollinate. so my zucchini has been a little yellower than normal, and my squash is a little greener than normal. ain't genetics fun? this makes me want to go back in time and watch Mendel.
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Jillian said...

Yes! We planted the poblano peppers by the jalapenos this year...whoops! The jalapenos were pretty mild, and we got a bit of a shock when the poblanos were hotter than usual. Great fun.

bec said...

ooh! that does sound like fun. i will keep that in mind for next year.