Thursday, August 07, 2008

So you think you can dance?

not compared to these guys. i really wish i could though. i haven't danced in 4 yrs. makes me want to take a class again. someday.

It is a really good show with a variety of dance styles with really good dancers. and i really wish they would have picked a different title. like, "i really really dance well" or "i really really like to dance." ok. sorry. i will stop saying really now.

they had Alvin Ailey on this season. shows that it isn't just fruffy dance, they have high brow art, too.

anyway. I am glad Joshua won. I would have wanted Katee, too. I am sad that I have to wait until next summer to see some good dancing. when are they going to put it on dvd? i would buy it. or make it available for internet streaming. since it is over, we are now going to cancel cable. no more tv for us, baby. just whatever we can get over the internet. so, please, please, please, powers that be, next season, put it on the net?

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