Monday, August 25, 2008

baby shoes and a cover up

made some baby shoes for gifts again. this time i did them in mass production. here's a link for the pattern.

for baby naomi. a nice bright pink for the first girl after three boys.

for soon to be announced baby. haven't heard the name yet. i made these shoes out of a curtain panel that was on clearance from target.

the same with these shoes for baby malachi.

and some for baby hannah.

mallory kept borrowing the shoes for her dolly.

i don't what it is about the clothing industries and what they think we want put on outfits. this would have been a nice cute outfit, but then they went and put on rock star princess. just so you know, powers that be, i don't want my daughter growing up to be amy winehouse. sorry. and i really don't like the whole idea of princesses. yuck. of course, my daughter loves the whole idea of princesses. that's what she picks when she has to pick out a bandaid. sigh.

anyway, i covered it up to match the shoes for baby naomi.

anyway, i think it looks much better.


Stacey said...

Just you wait....I wanted my daughter to have nothing to do with princesses or Barbie. She has a mind of her own and she LOVES both. I didn't introduce her to them, but somehow she figured it out. Recently, she has outgrown princesses and wants Hannah Montana and High School Musical. I didn't introduce her to those things either. We don't have TV....she has NEVER watched them. Hummmm....must be friends.

Mallory will turn into a princess soon or a cheerleader or Barbie or whatever else you despise.

Dean said...

Sweet pictures!! Cute and lovely pattern for baby shoes...

mavis said...

...i want to grow up and be amy winehouse.

bec said...

glad you aren't my daughter ;)