Tuesday, April 01, 2008

pointy kitty

a pointy kitty that i actually made for mallory, but isaac ended up with his picture taken with it. mallory will grab it away from him if she sees him with it. but he thinks it is mighty tasty.

it was a fairly straightforward project. i think i need to stuff it more in order to get the kitty to stand. or need to stuff it with proper stuffing. i used old sweatshirts that i had cut up.

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Stacey said...

I love the pointy kitty! I'm going to get the pattern ready for Rachel because Santa is bringing her a toy/real sewing machine for Christmas. She would love to make her own pointy kitty.

By the way, I can't see the pictures in your next post.

And...how do you make another window popup when you link things? When I link things, it takes you away from my blog. You'll have to teach me that one.

I love the periodic table decor. The coffee table is especially nice. When I have an extra $9000 laying around, I'll get it for you for Christmas.

bec said...

thanks stace for letting me know...i will fix it. it is very easy to make things pop up. i might have to email you later with the instructions. i am typing this lying down by mallory...and i am glad you like the pointed kitty, it would be a great project for rachel, they have a bunny too that was even easier...might be a good starting project.

and oh i hope you have an extra 9000 dollars lying around someday ;)