Thursday, April 10, 2008

the fierce bunny and the sarcastical bear

made mallory a bunny and isaac a bear. the bunny was from a pattern, but the bear was from my head. as i was stuffing the bear (or as mallory likes to say, "you're 'tuffing my bunny, mommy?") i told doug, "well it isn't the most beautifulest bear." and doug said, "nor the most sarcastical." which is another word that i made up and like to say. he gets after me for my pronunciation of drowning and mischievous. i agree with him on drowning, but mischievous...

mallory and her fierce bunny

trying to get a good pose of isaac with his sarcastical bear, but...

his sister wanted to pose with the bear also.

luckily isaac is pretty easy going.

this picture made me laugh.

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