Sunday, November 04, 2007

what i would like to see on youtube, thoughts on santa claus dilemma

I have been looking for the got milk commercial with oreos, talking about how they came up with the name. mallory says oreos the same way.

i have also been looking for the cheese commercial with the moon, where they talk about man believing that the moon was made out of cheese, and then how we went to the moon, and then we haven't been back since. behold the power of cheese. I started looking for that when mallory kept asking to fly to the moon (her dad started her on that one) and wanting grandpa to build her a rocketship, so she could fly to the moon. then i told her the moon was made out of cheese...brainwashing your children is what it is all about...

then i felt guilty about brainwashing, because children are so trusting and believing. and i have always wanted to be a parent who could be trusted. that's why i have a hard time with santa claus. if you tell them that santa claus is real, and you tell them that god is real...slippery slope. my children might be the ones who tell your children that santa claus isn't true.

but then i want my kids to believe in santa, because it is fun, the magic of someone bringing you gifts. i was talking to a friend about this and she commented that why should santa get all the credit? thought that was an interesting comment. i am still pondering what to do.

i never remember believing in santa. i always recognized my mom's handwriting on the gifts. I am also number 6 out of 7 children, so that might have had something to do with it. I can remember my mom telling me if i didn't believe in santa, then he wouldn't come and no santa presents for me. i told her then that i believed. greed and avarice comes before truth. talking about the whole santa thing later with my mom, she said that she never worked too hard to make santa believable (hence the handwriting), maybe that's what i will do. i like the thought of telling the story of St. Nick, hmmm.

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Stacey said...

Understand your Santa/God dilemma...I'm handling it like Mom and Dad handled it. We play the "Santa Game." My girls believe in Santa and I do too! We have imaginary friends too...

God is different. God is real. He isn't a game that we play once a year.

I hope my kids learn the difference between the two. I figured it out eventually and I'm sure they will too!