Sunday, November 04, 2007

pulling the plug

One thing that has bothered me is people who pull out mallory's pacifier. it usually doesn't bother me when it is family who mallory knows and trusts, but it is another thing entirely when it is a stranger (to mallory, I usually know them. I wouldn't let a complete stranger get close enough to do so, i hope. though i have had one stranger come up to me and touch mallory (when she was a baby) and not say anything. that was really weird. way beyond my comfort, I usually don't mind if they touch the baby and talk to me). what gives you the right to take something that the child needs for comfort in the vain hope that she will give you a smile. She definitely won't give you a smile now that you have taken it away from her. If you want her to smile at you, give her candy. always a winner.

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