Thursday, December 20, 2012


I guess you can tell when my wonderful help left and reality sank in!

Important things I am thankful for that I didn't get to in November, in no particular order:

-my in-laws! For feeding me dinner every Sunday, and for coming in the middle of the night to watch the kids when Lila Lou was born.

-veterans. I recently saw a badge for someone who was captured in Afghanistan. What a nightmare for him and for his family. I can't even imagine. Thank you for all you do to protect our country!

Isaac made my bed for me, because he said that it would be a nice thing to do.

Mallory had a birthday in November.

Always fun to see extended family at thanksgiving time.

Blessed Lila Lou at Thanksgiving. Her cousin Anya was blessed at the same time. Hooray for cousins!

Speaking of cousins, Lila Lou had another cousin Judith born five days after her. Hooray for cousins!

Well, I probably should get back to minding the children.

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