Thursday, September 16, 2010

i like ike

a certain boy is three now. and so shirts had to be made. i tried printing on fabric directly, like so, but didn't turn out so hot. i think you need a thinner fabric than i had. so i found some fabric printer sheets and used those.
and then of course, the birthday boy didn't want to put his shirt on. it was his birthday, so he got away with it.

others weren't so lucky.
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Stacey said...

That's funny he wouldn't wear his shirt:) You are a nice mommy...I would have yelled and forced my child to wear the shirt...

bec said...

we were at my in law's. got to keep up appearances.

marnae said...

so rebecca,
did you make the homemade "bubble jet 1000" or whatever that is? Did it not make the fabric colorfast?? I have been curious about how effective that is, and if it is worth the trouble. I love how they turned out though--did you know they also have iron on decal type printable paper...just another option. Very cute, and too funny that he wouldn't wear his shirt. Already getting picky is he???? Did you make the T-shirt logo, or find it? My nephew's name is ike..and i think it would be fun to make him a shirt for Christmas.
we need to get together sometime..its been a while :)