Sunday, March 07, 2010

mini duffel bags

when i was in elementary school, my friend's mom made me a small duffel bag. and i still use it today. so when i was thinking of presents for my nieces and nephew (this is christmas '08, mind you) who are in their tweens, i thought it would make a great gift. not too kiddish, yet is still fun. and since i was giving them the dangerous book for boys/ daring book for girls, i thought i would put in the bag the essential items listed in the book.

for the niece who likes lime green and soccer

and for the niece who likes yellow and panda bears.

and for the nephew, who likes baseball, but i couldn't find baseball ribbon, but i could find this cool rocket ship ribbon (and it would match the space-themed photobook i made them, and he likes star wars...)

and someday i will post dimensions, and maybe even make a tutorial. they weren't too terribly difficult.
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