Friday, July 10, 2009

shirt to dress

this time i wanted to try a western shirt. i have been seeing them at thrift shops and thought the details on the shirt would make a cute dress for mallory.
the only problem was that it needs contrast. so i have been following the seams and topstitching with hot pink thread, hoping that it will stand out. haven't finished it all yet, tis on the to do list.

and the sleeves. they are on the to do list too. somehow they came out wonky. i think i will try a little shirring and see if that helps.

as for contruction of the dress, i did it a bit differently than before. i wanted the pockets on the front of the dress and the collar so i changed the style and had to do arm holes. which wasn't as bad as feared. but still have to figure out something for the sleeves...

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Suzy-Q said...

WOW Rebecca... You never cease to amaze! This is darling and oh so creative, as always!