Monday, June 16, 2008

A Hunky Chunk

I heard that Michael Miller was having a baby bootie contest. and i thought perfect! now i won't have any more excuses not to make isaac some bigger shoes, since he outgrew the first batch. So, since the original pattern only goes to six months, i measured isaac's foot, added a half an inch for growth, and added an inch for seam allowance, and sort of guesstimated how the rest of the pattern would fit... i think that they will fit him for awhile (i hope...)

I wanted to make more shirts with the chemical element words since mallory outgrew hers, we added another member to our family, and i didn't do such a hot job applique-ing ours on. so i stared at the periodic table on my daughter's wall and found an applicable word for isaac. though i could have done "CHUNK" and it definitely would have fit him as well. (Doug looked at the wall and picked out "I CaNDy", but wouldn't let me make a shirt spelling that out for him sadly...)

I used my desktop printer to print directly onto fabric (i think i found the sheets of fabric at michael's)

mallory showing off her "CUTe" I've done cute two ways, one with copper: CuTe, and the other with carbon and uranium: CUTe. I think i like the copper one better, but i used the carbon and uranium so i could have more colors to match the fabric.

this picture wasn't the best, didn't think about sitting under leafy trees. and a certain miss mallory wanted to go play with her cousins instead of getting her picture taken. but better ones are coming...

oh by the way, mine says NErDy and doug's says GaSSY. both are very fitting.

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Cocoa said...

Oh my goodness, those shirts are some of the cutest I've ever seen! I love how you tailored them to what your tastes are. And using the periodic table is pure genius!