Tuesday, September 04, 2007

killer high chair

got mallory a new high chair at a garage sale a while ago, which brings our total number of high chairs to four. don't ask, long story. anyway, it is a nice wooden one with a nice wide base so it won't tip the baby over. good safety precaution, i think. the problem is, you think it isn't wide as it is, and you trip over it and stub your toe several times a day. For awhile, i thought it was just me, but doug and even mallory have done it as well. and visitors, too. so here is a warning if you ever come to visit me. watch out for the high chair. it is deadly.

here's the latest it has done to my toe:

with attached skin flap

without attached skin flap

you might ask yourself, why not get rid of the high chair? I have three others. valid question. i like how you can scoot it right up to the table, and mallory feels like part of the family as we eat. and it is a nice wooden one. fashion vs. pain, i guess. we will see how long it lasts.

picture of said high chair:

I need to stain it a darker brown, but that's another story

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